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Essay On Online Gaming Regulation in India



Essay On Online Gaming Regulation in India

Essay On Online Gaming Regulation in India

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Essay On Online Gaming Regulation in India

Online gaming has grown in popularity among Indians of all ages, which has led to an increase in worries about addiction, underage gambling, and cyberbullying.

By enacting rules for online gaming, the Indian government has taken action to solve these problems. The necessity of regulating online gambling in India and the efforts the government has taken to do so are covered in this article.

In recent years, the popularity of online gaming has skyrocketed in India, with titles like PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, and Call of Duty becoming household names.

However, this has also given rise to worries about how online gaming affects young people. With tales of young people ignoring their schoolwork and even dropping out of school due to their addiction to online games, gaming addiction is an increasing worry in India.

Concerns concerning underage gambling have also been raised as a result of internet gaming. There have been instances where children have spent a significant amount of money on virtual products while playing games without their parents’ knowledge or permission. Regulations to safeguard young people from the dangers of internet gaming have been demanded as a result of this.

The Indian government has implemented rules for internet gaming in response to these worries. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) published a set of regulations for online gaming platforms in November 2020.

According to these rules, gaming companies must implement policies that guard against addiction and safeguard young players from the dangers of online gaming.

The rules include the requirement that gaming platforms confirm the user’s age as one of their primary requirements. This is done to prevent underage users from having access to online gaming sites and from being exposed to the dangers of gambling there.

Additionally, gaming platforms must implement measures to combat addiction, such as time limitations on gaming sessions and notifications for players who have been playing for a long time.

The rules mandate that gaming platforms implement safeguards against cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is a phenomenon that has been linked to online gaming, where gamers bully and abuse other players in an anonymous manner.

The regulations demand that gaming platforms have systems in place for reporting and dealing with cases of cyberbullying.

The implementation of these regulations is a step in the right direction towards regulating the Indian online gambling market. It is crucial to remember that the rules are optional, and it is up to different gaming platforms to put them into practise.

This indicates that stronger industry regulation is still required to safeguard children from the dangers of internet gaming.

In conclusion, India needs to regulate online gaming to safeguard children from the dangers of addiction, underage gambling, and cyberbullying.

By providing standards for online gaming platforms, the Indian government has made a great start, but more work needs to be done to guarantee that these recommendations are put into action and that the online gaming business is adequately regulated.

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